General Contact information for all of the bellow clinics can be found by clincking here

Skin Surgery Centre (Mohs surgery, skin cancer, cosmetic procedures)
This state-of-the-art facility manages patients with skin cancer and esthetic skin concerns. The Centre is staffed by skin surgery fellowship trained dermatologists and their team of specialized nurses, technicians and administrative personel. We are fully affiliated with the University of Toronto and a recognized training centre of excellence. (more)

Pigmented lesion (melanoma and moles) clinic at Women's College Hospital  (more)

The Dermatology Laser Centre at Sunnybrook
The Centre offers the safest laser treatments available including laser hair and tattoo removal, treatment of veins and facial rejuvenation. We also offer a number of injectables to enhance your skin's appearance including Botox, Restalane, Juviderm, and many others. (more)

The Women's College Hospital Laser Centre
The Centre offers a wide range of Laser and Cosmetic treatments. More than 6 laser-light devices and over 20 trained specialists provide state-of-the-art care for all of your cosmetic needs. (more)

PERC (Psoriasis Education and Research Clinic) (more)

Dermatology Wound Care Centre at Women's College Hospital (more)